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Urgent notice: the latest requirements for nucleic acid testing before boarding for passengers on commercial lights from Indonesia to China
2020-10-01 21:16

1. In accordance with the latest requirements from the Chinese authorities, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia will once again remind Chinese and foreign passengers travelling to China on commercial flights from Indonesia to undergo Covid-19 nucleic acid testing at institutions approved by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. All passengers must complete the above procedures within 72 hours prior to boarding.

In order to ensure nucleic acid code or Health Declaration Form can be obtained on time and to avoid crowding of applications, please upload the nucleic acid test negative result certificate as early as possible, and no later than 12 hours before check-in. No one is allowed to falsify the nucleic acid test certificate as it is an important document for cross-border travel. Otherwise he/she will bear all legal consequences.

2. Starting from October 1, 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia will review the validity period of the negative nucleic acid test certificate issued by the relevant agency. And the starting time is changed from the time when the certificate is issued to the time the sample was taken. The negative nucleic acid test result certificate used to apply for the nucleic acid code or Health Declaration Form must indicate the sampling time of the testing agency, otherwise it will be deemed invalid.

3. In order to continue the effort to prevent and control the outbreak, the list of Indonesian nucleic acid testing institutions approved by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia is to be adjusted as follows:

4. The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia reminds passengers going to China to pay close attention to the local epidemic situation in Indonesia, adhere to the principle of "not essential, no travelling", and try to avoid cross-border travelling. Those who really need to return to China (or go to China) must strictly abide by the various epidemic prevention regulations and strengthen self-protection. After completing the nucleic acid test, passengers are required to self-isolate, refrain from gathering in crowds, visiting, or going out to avoid accidental infection. If you have fever, cough and other suspected symptoms before departure, please seek medical treatment in the local area immediately. By no means should you travel with illness, as it will endanger your health and the health of others.

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